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Prenatal Visits

Prenatal Care CalgaryIf you are an existing patient of the clinic, your first pregnancy visit will be to confirm the pregnancy and answer questions. You will then be booked for another visit to obtain a prenatal history and do a full prenatal exam (including Pap). After that, each visit will be a routine prenatal visit (see below).

If you are new to the clinic or are being referred for prenatal care by your family doctor, your first visit will be to meet the doctor and answer questions. A comprehensive history and physical exam will be performed at the second visit.

Once you have completed the initial history and physical visits, you will be asked to book routine prenatal care visits. At these visits you will be weighed, have your blood pressure taken (so please wear short sleeves), and if appropriate, measure your abdomen and listen to the fetal heart rate.

Prenatal Patient History Form

Prenatal Care Checklist


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