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Calgary Newborn CircumcisionPatients referred from their doctor should make sure that a letter of referral is sent by their family doctor. Please come 15 minutes early on your first visit to allow time to fill out paperwork. For all visits, please wear a nursing bra and a loose-fitting top that you will be able to nurse in. Although sometimes impossible, babies should be brought to the clinic a little hungry (but not starving) so that they will be eager to feed.

At your first visit, you will meet with a nurse lactation consultant who will weigh and examine your baby. She will also assess your breasts and nipples and observe baby's latch and feeding behaviours. You may also see a physician with knowledge in breastfeeding medicine if necessary. You will be given some individualized breastfeeding advice and informed as to when to book your follow up appointment.

At each follow-up appointment, baby will be weighed and a feed may be observed if possible.

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